Savanna Magic chapter#2

The wind rushed past Windflower as she stalked her prey.  It was her first night hunting for dinner, so she didn't want to mess it up."Come on,just a little closer" she whispered under her breath.  The boar she was hunting was digging in a termite mound, unfortunately, the termites were scattering, so her paws were … Continue reading Savanna Magic chapter#2


Savanna Magic chapter#1

It was night time, and all the animals on the African Savanna were asleep, all except one. "Mother!!" Wailed Windflower, "please let me out of the den!!" "Windflower" she said in a gentle but warning  voice.  "I cannot let you out of the den and that is the end of the conversation" "But i'm hungry!" … Continue reading Savanna Magic chapter#1